THE latest candidate for the East Lothian seat in the General Election has been announced.

Dr Elisabeth Wilson will represent the Scottish Liberal Democrats at the election next month and stand alongside current MP George Kerevan, as well as Martin Whitfield (Labour), Sheila Low (Conservatives) and Mike Allan (independent) in a bid to win the seat.

The Innerwick resident said: “I am very concerned about Brexit – about the protection of employee rights, the status of EU citizens in the UK and the severe long term consequences of the possible loss of environmental protection. 

“The Scottish Liberal Democrats represent the rallying point for all those in East Lothian who are pro Europe, pro UK and support socially progressive policies.”

Dr Wilson was the party’s candidate for the Dunbar and East Linton ward in last week’s council election.

However, she failed to win one of the three seats, with Sue Kempson (Conservatives), Norman Hampshire (Labour) and Paul McLennan (SNP) elected.

Missing out were Isobel Knox (SNP), Sarah Beattie-Smith (Greens) and Dr Wilson.

A life-long supporter of green issues, Dr Wilson was a founder member of Treesponsibility, a tree planting group that campaigned against climate change before it became a mainstream concern. 

She is also a member of Friends of the Earth and is currently the Convenor of Sustaining Dunbar, a local development trust, which recently managed the successful Zero Waste Dunbar project.