PET owners in Tranent have raised concerns after reports of a high number of cats going missing.

Worried owners have taken to social media to warn others about the mystery disappearances.

And some people have vowed to keep their cats indoors until they get to the bottom of the problem.

Dunedin Vet Practice in the town confirmed it had received a number of calls from clients reporting missing cats but said that none had been handed in to them or found with any injuries.

They were at a loss to explain the disappearances, which have dominated social media, with Facebook page Tranent Folk giving voice to concerned owners.

One member, whose elderly cat disappeared more than a fortnight ago, appealed to people to help.

Colleen Townsend’s 15-year-old cat Chuckie vanished when the family were moving house two weeks ago.

Colleen said: “Chuckie was not a cat who ever strayed and he is one of three elderly cats.

“Another cat, Elvis, disappeared from John Crescent, which is very near where we lost Chuckie.

“It is very worrying.

“Someone, somewhere, must know something.”

Other cat owners on the page revealed they were now frightened of letting their pets outside following the spate of disappearances.

One said: “I’m scared to let my cat out, even though they want to go.”

Another said: “Lots of cats going missing in Tranent, some coming back with injuries.”

Gillian Kerr who owns Elvis, who went missing on April 1, has been appealing for help finding him.

She said Elvis, who is only one-year-old, had uncharacteristically disappeared.

And she urged people to keep looking for her young pet.

Other owners have reported their cats returning home bedraggled and with unusual injuries. 

Missing cats are being updated on the Facebook site.

If you can help find Chuckie or Elvis let the Tranent Folks site know.