SIX-CARRIAGE trains have started running on the North Berwick-Edinburgh line today (Monday).

The longer trains - up from the previous four carriages - will run on some services on the line until late April.

After that time, though, the service will return to four-carriage trains until December 2018.

The temporary extra capacity has been created as a result of the driver training programme for the arrival of Scotland’s new fleet of electric trains, which is being carried out on the Edinburgh-North Berwick/Dunbar route until late April.

The existing Class 380 trains are similar to the new fleet and are being used by drivers to prepare for the arrival of the faster, longer, greener electric trains.

The timetable on the route is not changing, but 12 trains each day will be operated with six carriages until the end of April.

Then, from December 2018, Edinburgh-North Berwick/Dunbar services will permanently have new longer trains, with 40 per cent more seats at peak times.

There have been frequent complaints over the last 18 months about overcrowded services on the line, with passengers regularly turned away from peak-time trains at Musselburgh that are too full to board.

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The services that are set to operate six-car trains on the line are as follows:

  • North Berwick-Edinburgh: 7:55, 10:27, 12:20, 17:28, 19:05, 20:25.
  • Edinburgh – North Berwick: 07:13, 09:43, 11:42, 16:43, 18:14, 19:45.

Perry Ramsey, ScotRail Alliance operations director said: “We recognise that rail is a key mode of transport between East Lothian and Edinburgh and our trains are very busy, particularly in the peaks.

“And, as we share these routes with freight and cross-Border services, introducing longer trains is the best way to add more seats.

“While this is a temporary solution, from December 2018 our new trains will be in permanent use on the route, providing a faster, longer and greener service for East Lothian customers.”