PUPILS from Sanderson's Wynd Primary School have launched an appeal for a new head teacher who is "kind, tall and nice".

Youngsters have been interviewed for a video promoting the vacant post at the Tranent school, which has been shared online.

In the video children reveal what attributes they are looking for in their new head teacher.

One young boy says: "Fairly strict so that we don't get away with things but not so strict that when you walk past they shout at you or moan at you."

Others say their ideal head teacher would be kind, soft spoken and tall.

The short video has been posted on YouTube by East Lothian Council to try and attract candidates for the job.

Sanderson's Wynd head teacher Fiona Waddell retired after 17 years at the school in February.

Fiona Robertson, East Lothian Council’s Head of Education, said: "The video captures perfectly the spirit of Sanderson’s Wynd, which is such an important part of the local community.

"It is fitting that a school which places such store on inclusivity should ask the pupils themselves what they would like to see in a new head teacher.

"The pupils’ views are refreshingly honest and reflect their high regard for Sanderson’s Wynd and its stimulating, vibrant learning community."