A BID has been made for the name of a soldier killed during First World War training to be added to the Haddington War Memorial.

David Cowan, who worked in the town as a music teacher, caught pneumonia at a training camp and died before he was due to start active service.

His name appears in the records at Edinburgh Castle but is not on any of East Lothian’s war memorials.

Alex Lusty, one of his great granddaughters, was keen to see if it was possible for his name to be added to the war memorial, which is in the grounds of St Mary’s Parish Church, in his hometown.

Mrs Lusty, of Tranent, said: “There is a bit of story.

“This year will be 100 years since he died.

“All four of his grandchildren are still alive but are getting on a bit.

“He’s not listed on the websites or memorials or the rolls of the fallen.

“Last year, my mum went to the Tower of London to see the Poppies display and bought one in memory of her grandfather.

“That prompted me to see if we could do something locally to get him recognised.” John Hamilton, one of Haddington’s community councillors, brought the issue to the attention of the town’s community council last month.

He said: “Someone identified a family member from the First World War, who died during training, and was wondering if they could be put on the war memorial now.” War Memorials Trust, based in London, protects and conserves more than 100,000 war memorials across the United Kingdom.

However, while the War Memorials Trust will preserve any memorials, they are not responsible for names being added to the list of those being remembered.

A spokeswoman for the group explained: “The addition of names to a war memorial is a decision made by the owner/custodian of a war memorial.

“There are no rules but War Memorials Trust would always encourage communities to understand the original principles of who was included to understand the intent of those who erected it.” Instead, it could be down to East Lothian Council or the community council to decide if a name could be added to the list.

Provost Ludovic Broun-Lindsay said certain criteria would have to be met for the name to be added to the list, while he was unsure if there was space for any other names to be added.

A spokeswoman for East Lothian Council confirmed the issue was being considered.

She added: “The War Memorials Trust advise on such matters and a record of the individual is required to be forwarded for consideration by the relevant local community – in this case Haddington Community Council, who will decide whether an additional name can be added.”