MUSSELBURGH Grammar School has seen the number of students gaining three or more Highers reach its highest ever level in the last 18 months.

A report issued to parents on the progress of the school has revealed one in five senior students achieved the impressive result.

There was also a rise by two per cent in the number of students who gained five or more Highers (to nine per cent) and those receiving at least one Higher jumped to 39 per cent (from 34 per cent).

The results come 18 months after the school was challenged by Education Scotland inspectors to improve attainment at all stages, including national examinations. The report also revealed the school’s S4 students improved their grades with 78 per cent receiving five or more National 4 grades and 39 per cent receiving five or more National 5 – up eight per cent.

The report to parents, from David Scott, Quality Improvement Officer for East Lothian Council, said: “There is an improving trend in the percentage of pupils leaving Musselburgh Grammar School and going on to university, college, employment or training.

“In reviewing the work of the school this far, the local authority believes it has made good progress in addressing the most significant areas for improvement.

“Although there is still much to achieve, it has demonstrated that it has the capacity for continuous and sustained improvement.” Education Scotland said inspectors visited the school following the council’s progress report and were satisfied it had “the capacity to continue to improve”.

They said: “We shall make no further visits to the school in connection with the (previous) inspection.”