A MOTORHOME was engulfed in flames on a slip road off the A1 last Thursday evening.

Firefighters from Musselburgh and Newcraighall rushed to the junction with the Dolphingstone Flyover at about 6.45pm.

Rob Cleat was one of those driving home from work when he spotted the flames.

He said: “I was driving home behind a van with the motorhome in front when puffs of smoke started drifting backwards.

“At this point I thought maybe someone had been a bit hard on their brakes and it was a bit of burning rubber; however, the puffs continued and became more frequent, then you started to smell the smoke – and it didn’t smell like brakes but a vehicle on fire!

“Clouds of smoke continued to drift back and the motorhome slowed down, therefore both the van in front of me and I put on our hazard lights and followed the vehicle as it pulled off the A1 onto the slip road towards Tranent.

“We both pulled in behind the vehicle to see what the problem was and on stepping out of my van and looking ahead to the motorhome you could see bright orange flame streaming out from under the motorhome and licking up the sides.” Nobody was injured in the incident, with the grass verge burnt.