AN ANTHOLOGY published to celebrate Book Week Scotland (running to Sunday) features a short story penned by a North Berwick High School teacher.

‘The Resonant Chord’, Gill Monaghan’s tale of her long-distance friendship with someone from Salford – and the ‘mix’ music tapes that brought them together – is included in the Scottish Book Trust’s ‘Treasures’.

Gill’s piece, the 33-year-old’s first to be published, was originally written a couple of years ago for an Edinburgh University creative writing class and she submitted it with a “few tweaks here and there”.

“It feels amazing to have a story of mine finally in print,” she told the Courier.

The drama teacher also read it out over the airwaves in June to publicise ‘Treasures’.

“Reading it out on the radio was a slightly nerve-racking prospect, but I really enjoyed doing it,” Gill (pictured below) said.

“It’s not every day that you get a call asking if you can read a story of yours out live on BBC Radio Scotland, especially on Janice Forsyth’s show, which I’m a big fan of anyway! Gill has written since she was a teen, inspired by her late grandfather and father, both writers.

Gill is also working on an idea for a play or novel about teenage friendship and the trials of growing up on the wrong side of the tracks.