CYCLISTS who have pushed for 18 months for a covered bike rack at Drem railway station believe ScotRail has bowed to "people power" after the firm finally agreed to provide a sheltered rack at the site.

Dozens of people park their bicycles at the station and use First ScotRail trains to travel to Edinburgh or elsewhere.

A group of commuters had been asking the operator to provide a covered rack, as Drem only has a 10-space unsheltered rack.

ScotRail had agreed to install a sheltered rack in response to feedback from local cyclists, but upon discovering this would mean the loss of a car parking space at the station, reverted to an initial plan to increase uncovered cycle capacity from 10 to 16.

But this week, after pressure from service users, the firm revealed it would provide a sheltered 10-space bike rack at Drem - in addition to the current one.

Gullane's Iain Monk, who cycles to Drem most days before catching the train to Edinburgh, said he was "absolutely delighted" with the result.

"Common sense has prevailed, and what it proves is that people power works," he told the Courier. "We did not feel that what we were asking for was unreasonable, and it's been a quite dramatic about-face by the company.

"We had been asked to provide evidence to Scotrail that there was a need for a covered bike rack.

"So myself and a couple of other guys carried out a survey of about 20 people who use the cycling facilities at Drem, not just commuters but local families and visitors, who all wanted to see a covered rack in place.

"So we are delighted ScotRail has made that decision and we hope it will continue to engage positively with commuters to ensure Drem station - and all other stations on that route - have excellent services and facilities." A First ScotRail spokesman said: "It is expected the sheltered rack will be in place within a matter of weeks.

"Drem attracts commuters from outlying areas and is a popular 'park and ride' station.

"There is a lot of demand for car parking spaces and it would have been difficult to defend a reduction in capacity.

"We had stressed the cycle provision would be reviewed and now plan to double the number of spaces from 10 to 20."