A backlash against the BBC following the release of information on its high-earners has led to a number of voluntary pay cuts.

Match Of The Day presenter Gary Lineker has become the latest prominent talent to offer to decrease his salary.

The football pundit has been earning £1.75 million per year working for the broadcaster.

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Gary Lineker has volunteered to reduce his wage (Steven Paston/PA)

Some of the BBC’s best-paid male stars have previously agreed to take a cut, following the resignation of former China editor Carrie Gracie, who left in protest at gender pay disparities.

After the BBC publication of information on its highest earners, there was controversial imbalance between male and female stars at the broadcaster, and between average employees and top talents.

The focal point of Gracie’s protest, Jon Sopel, agreed to a pay cut from his annual £400,000 to £450,000 in 2018 after it was revealed he earned far more than his fellow editor.

Today programme presenter John Humphrys said he would be earning “hugely less” than his more than £600,000 salary.

Jeremy Vine took a cut from his more than £700,000 salary, Huw Edwards from his £550,000-upwards income, Nick Robinson from around £250,000 or more, and Nicky Campbell from his £400,000 to £450,000 salary.

The BBC did not offer information on the degree to which salaries would be cut.