It is no secret that the world is a big wide place and it’s never been easier to get to all corners of it. We have created a list of must see spots in 2019, so get prepared to grab your passport and pack your bags for an adventure like no other.

Whether you want to escape the rat race, soak up some sunshine in near tropical climes or hit the streets on a city break like no other our top spots for 2019 are set to inspire some serious wanderlust!

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Go off the beaten track

If your idea of the perfect getaway is one where there is hardly another tourist in site then we have the perfect destinations for you. These locations are relatively new to the international travel scene making them ideal for intrepid travellers.

The Andaman Islands

This Indian archipelago nestled in the Bay of Bengal consists of around 300 islands. Indigenous Andaman Islanders make their home on some of the more remote islands that are completely off limit to visitors.

East Lothian Courier: Explore the Andaman Islands Credit: Tajhotels.comExplore the Andaman Islands Credit:

The islands are lush and tropical with golden beaches and coral reefs teeming with life. While daytrips to many of the islands are possible there are limited options for accommodation.

We suggest Ko Hee Homestay on Middle Andaman Island for an authentic slice of Andaman life complete with home cooked meals by islander hosts.

If you want a five star experience, the luxurious Taj Exotica on Havelock Island recently opened for business and promises a luxurious experience like no other. Recharge in their wellness centre or simply relax in your very own stilted private villa surrounded by mango trees and the island rainforest.

The whole resort has been built with the environment in mind, in fact they didn’t even cut down a single tree to create this heavenly spot.


Sandwiched between Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia this small country with a love of food and drink has been slowly opening up to travellers.

East Lothian Courier: Visit Armenia Credit: PixabayVisit Armenia Credit: Pixabay

While the countryside and more rural areas are littered with leftovers from the Soviet era, the capital city Yerevan is a bustling place where wide, tree lined streets play host to hundreds of cafes, wine bars and beautiful old buildings.

If you do not have a good grasp of Armenia or Russian it is well worth finding yourself a driver who can act as tour guide and translator to help you get the most out of your visit, especially if you want to head out into the countryside and local markets.

Be aware that while Armenia is considered relatively safe to visit, the UK government does not advise travel within 5km of the Armenia and Azerbaijan border.

Sun Seeking

Does kicking back on a sandy beach with the waves lapping and a cocktail in hand sound like the perfect holiday for you? Then you will love these sun soaked getaways where you can wile the day away or try out a whole host of new activities. 


Take in the true Mediterranean lifestyle with a getaway to the Greece this year. To get the most sun for your summer holiday plan to visit between June and September.

East Lothian Courier: Try something new this holiday Credit: Iva Balk, Pixabay Try something new this holiday Credit: Iva Balk, Pixabay

No visit to Greece would be complete without sampling some of the delicious food that Greek cuisine is famous for. After a taste of spanakopita, moussaka or stifado while you watch the sun go down you may never want to leave.

The Ionian and Aegean seas that border Greece and its islands are the perfect place to try your hand at something new. Give stand up paddle boarding a shot or even take some sailing lessons. Click here to find out more about resorts that include water sports in the price of a holiday.

French Polynesia

Spectacular lagoons and multi-coloured sandy beaches await on the French Polynesian islands. For a true tropical paradise Bora Bora is a popular choice, but with 99 other islands to choose from don’t limit yourself to where most travellers go and try some of the other islands on for size. 

While it is easy to simply relax under palm trees by a beautiful lagoon use your visit here as an opportunity to find out what lives under those crystal clear waters. Snorkelling and scuba diving are popular options giving you the chance to come face to face with turtles, rays and all sorts of brightly coloured fish.

East Lothian Courier: Head beneath the waves Credit: Jack Mac, PixabayHead beneath the waves Credit: Jack Mac, Pixabay

City Breaks

Are the bright lights calling you? Long for the hustle and bustle of a metropolis where the night time is just as exciting as the day time? A city break could be just what you need in 2019.

Hudson Yards, New York City

NYC has long been the ultimate city break so it is no surprise that it consistently makes an appearance on ultimate travel destination lists like these. New York is ever changing so chances are that even if you visited last year you could go again now and have a completely different experience.

A great reason to visit for the first time or as a repeat visitor this year is take in the newest Manhattan neighbourhood; Hudson Yards.

East Lothian Courier: The city that never sleeps Credit: Wiggi Jo, Pixabay The city that never sleeps Credit: Wiggi Jo, Pixabay

Built over the storage yard for Long Island Railroad trains this new area includes a cultural centre, high end shopping, ridiculously expensive apartment buildings, offices and the worlds very first Equinox hotel (slated to open June 2019).

For chic city lovers Hudson Yards is going to be the place to be seen this year.

Panama City

This Latin infused city is a true mix of old and new. Skyscrapers nestle next to the Casco Viejo (Old Quarter). Completed in 1673 you can easily spend your days winding through cobbled streets and taking in the stunning architecture of this particular area of the city.

When you have had your fill of history hit up Panama City’s waterfront to get to the more modern and commercial areas of the city.

East Lothian Courier: Historic Panama City Credit: Lapping, PixabayHistoric Panama City Credit: Lapping, Pixabay

Panama City is the fashion capital of Latin America and it is no secret that Panamanians love to shop. What that means for you is a city packed full of mega malls where you can pick up the latest and most cutting edge fashions around.

Check out the Atrio Mall for the ultimate shopping hit, featuring 400 shops and covering a whopping 14,000 square meters, shopaholics might just end up spending their whole holiday there!

No trip to this gorgeous city would be complete without visiting the famous Panama Canal. Now, a trip to a canal may not seem like the most exciting thing to do with your time away but seriously, the sheer scale of this 50 mile shortcut from the Atlantic to the Pacific (and the size of the ships that pass through it) is an engineering marvel.

East Lothian Courier: The Panama Canal Credit: Neufal, PixabayThe Panama Canal Credit: Neufal, Pixabay

There are visitor centres and viewing spots at either end of the canal with the Pacific side located about 6 miles outside of Panama city. The Atlantic side of the canal can be reached by an hour long ride in a glass domed train that will give you glimpses of both shipyards and native wetlands along the way.

Pack Your Bags and Get Ready to Go

With so many spots to choose from where will your travels take you?

East Lothian Courier: Get ready to go Credit: Took a pic, PixabayGet ready to go Credit: Took a pic, Pixabay

Whether you decide to live it up in New York City, get up close and personal with aquatic animals in French Polynesia or sample home grown goods in Armenia we hope you find some travel inspiration from our picks of places to visit this year and make memories that last a lifetime.