BELOW is a list of all the regional 'list' candidates for the Lothian region, listed by party.

The Lothian region, which includes the Midlothian North and Musselburgh constituency, will be represented by seven 'list' MSPs, in addition to each of the constituency MSPs elected.

These MSPs are elected through proportional representation.

Each party ranks its list MSPs in order from first to last – they appear in that same order here.

Voters get two votes in the election – one for their constituency candidate, and one to vote for a party on the regional list.

Here are all the parties standing on the regional list and their candidates:

  • Abolish the Scottish Parliament Party: John Leckie, David Nichol
  • Alba Party: Kenny MacAskill, Alex Arthur, Christina Hendry, Irshad Ahmed
  • All For Unity: Charlotte Morley, Parvinder Singh, Alan Hogg, Andy MacAulay, David Hamilton, Mike Knox, Derek Clark
  • Animal Welfare Party: Vivienne Moir, Gavin Ridley
  • Communist Party of Britain: Matthew Waddell
  • Freedom Alliance: Jon Pullman, Cara Wase, Patricia McCann
  • Reform UK: Derek Winton, Mev Brown, Iain Morse, Lesley MacDonald
  • Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party: Miles Briggs, Sue Webber, Jeremy Balfour, Rebecca Fraser, Malcolm Offord, Scott Douglas, Gordon Lindhurst, Marie-Clair Munro, Graham Hutchison, Iain Whyte, Callum Laidlaw, Charles Kennedy
  • Scottish Family Party: Richard Lucas, Philip Holden, Norman Colville, Gareth Kirk, Amy Ireland
  • Scottish Green Party: Alison Johnstone, Lorna Slater, Kate Nevens, Chas Booth, Steve Burgess, Alys Mumford, Emily Frood, Ben Parker, Elaine Taylor, Bill Wilson, Evelyn Weston, Alex Staniforth
  • Scottish Labour Party: Daniel Johnson, Sarah Boyack, Foysol Choudhury, Madelaine Kirkman, Kirsteen Sullivan, Nicholas Ward, Frederick Hessler, Stephen Curran
  • Scottish Liberal Democrats: Alex Cole-Hamilton, Fred Mackintosh, Jill Reilly, Rebecca Bell, Sally Pattle, Fraser Graham, Caron Lindsay, Bruce Wilson, Charles Dundas
  • Scottish Libertarian Party: Tam Laird, Cameron Paterson
  • Scottish National Party (SNP): Graham Campbell, Angus Robertson, Fiona Hyslop, Ben Macpherson, Catriona MacDonald, Sarah Masson, Greg McCarra, Alison Dickie, Alex Orr, Andrew Ewen, Rob Connell
  • Scottish Renew: Heather Astbury, Anna Freemantle-Zee
  • Scottish Women's Equality Party: Emma Watt, David Renton, Lucy Hammond
  • Social Democratic Party: Alasdair Young, Neil Manson, Lawrence Edwards
  • UK Independence Party (UKIP): Donald Mackay, John Mumford, Steve Hollis, Kenneth Lowry
  • Independent: Ashley Graczyk