MUSSELBURGH Windsor stalwart Derek Weir was this year’s recipient of the John Murray Shield.

The prestigious award is named after a former club chairman, who was instrumental in founding the current Scottish Youth FA.

Any player, committee member, coach, sponsor or supporter can be nominated and Weir collected the award, 27 years since he started volunteering for the club.

Weir (pictured), who is general club treasurer, was “quite chuffed” to have his efforts recognised by the club

He said: “All my work is done behind the scenes but plays a crucial role in ensuring the club can operate and continue to provide football for hundreds of youngsters.

“I am humbled by the nominations and feel honoured to join a small group of recipients to have won this award.”

John Hood, Musselburgh Windsor president, said: “Whilst the award is primarily for special achievement and that certainly would be justified given the countless hours Derek has dedicated in the last year, the selection panel also felt that his extensive time and commitment to the club must be considered. Derek took office at a pivotal time for the club, a time where we underwent significant change.

“He has had to manage, document and account for this change in a financial arena. His role involves accounting for over 3,600 separate standing order payments, not to mention around 200 purchase orders, invoices and payments.

“He oversees each team’s age group fund as well as the club accounts and Kenny Ritchie Fund.

“The scope of his role and work is quite simply monumental.”

Scott Robertson, who appointed Weir to his current role during his time as club president, added: “When I first came into office one of my first acts was to speak to Derek and persuade him to take on this appointment.

“He is a man of great integrity, someone who I could trust implicitly.”

“I knew he would treat all teams with the same fairness and work to ensure the club always attains the best deals.”

He hailed Weir as a “pillar of the club” and said: “I am delighted his passion has been recognised in this way.”