We (the staff of Musselburgh Racecourse) feel compelled to write to address the allegations of bullying and “control freakery” made by Councillor John Caldwell against Lothians Racing Syndicate (LRS) chairman John Prideaux.

Mr Prideaux has been a member of the Musselburgh Joint Racing Committee for 20 years, joining several years after the period in which Councillor Caldwell claims the racecourse was “on its knee”.

To blame the mismanagement of the racecourse some 25 years ago solely on the LRS is disingenuous and contrary to the facts, ignoring conveniently that local councillors sat on the MJRC dating as far back as the 1960s and beyond.

The LRS have a strong track record of working successfully with MJRC-appointed councillors, especially under the leadership of former East Lothian Council Provost Pat O’Brien, and together they laid the foundations for the racecourse’s many successes, both on the track and in winning numerous industry awards.

In our experience, John Prideaux has been instrumental in the upward progression of the racecourse and has only ever been 100 per cent supportive of all employees, taking a strong interest in individuals and attempting to boost staff morale, especially during the last two years when our Investors in People status was at risk.

In the many years that Mr Prideaux has been involved at the racecourse, we have not witnessed or can recollect any behaviour on his part which could be construed in any way as vaguely related to Councillor Caldwell’s allegations.

We are grateful for Mr Prideaux’s continued support and look forward to working with him for the betterment of Musselburgh Racecourse and its staff, and also the 70,000 visitors who come to Musselburgh each year and enjoy a rewarding experience.

The staff of Musselburgh Racecourse