GROWN-UPS are being urged to act more responsibly on social media after threats of violence were made against children in the Tranent community.

The plea was made following a row on the popular social media site Facebook about allegations of bullying among youngsters in the town.

A mother took to the popular Tranent Folks Facebook page claiming she had confronted some young girls after her daughter had been a victim of bullying.

Her claim led to a string of comments from adults threatening what they would do to the youngsters involved.

At a meeting of Tranent and Elphinstone Community Council held last week, there were calls for adults to think before making comments involving young people.

Councillor Colin McGinn, ward councillor, told members some of the comments made about young people by adults were not acceptable He said: “We have adults making comments that are really unhelpful. We have to put a message out there that these comments on social media sites are not helpful.”

Community councillor Robert McNeill added: “It is unacceptable.”

Mr McGinn stressed that anti-social behaviour in Tranent was caused by a “very smally minority” of young people.

He added: “We have to be aware that issues raised are down to a very small minority of our young people. We have to be clear that it is only a few involved in anti-social behaviour.”