A COMMUNITY is being urged to rally behind a young boy with a rare medical condition.

Jace Mackinnon was diagnosed with a medical condition which causes torticollis, a tightening of the neck.

Due to the condition he is unable to move his neck very well and it is constantly stuck in the same position.

As a result of the way his head lies, it is off to one side and he has been diagnosed with plagiocephaly, also known as flat head syndrome.

The only way to correct the conditions in this case is by using a specially-made helmet which will gently reshape his head and help it grow to the normal shape.

Now mum Stephanie is looking to raise funds for the special helmet for the youngster, who is five and a half months old and has a twin sister, called Hope, who does not have the condition.

She said: “The helmet is crucial. It encourages him to put his neck back to centre. The centre of gravity just pushes it and strengthens the muscle. At the same time, it stops his flat head from getting any worse.”

It is not known what has caused the condition, which can be hereditary, but there is also an increased chance of it developing when the child is a twin.

The family, of Tranent’s Northfield, is looking to raise just over £2,000 to help buy the special helmet.

Stephanie, 25, has set up a Justgiving page in a bid to raise the funds, with plans for a sponsored men’s waxathon on August 13 at Macmerry Miners Club.

The event, which is open to everyone, takes place at 6pm, with Stephanie already having sponsorship forms.

Already, fundraising has brought in more than £1,600 and 25-year-old Stephanie was delighted with the success.

She said: “I am really shocked by the amount. We got a £200 donation anonymously and I have no idea who it was.

“I’ve tried logging into my emails and into the Justgiving page to find out who it was but it was totally anonymous.

“I never ever thought I would raise that much money to be honest.”

Stephanie has been busy getting in touch with businesses for potential raffle prizes as well to further boost the fundraising total.

The proud mum said Jace did not let torticollis affect him.

She said: “He is really happy.

“It does not seem to bother him at all but the biggest problem is he is really hard to hold.”

For more information, or to make a donation, go to www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/stephanie-mackinnon