THE family of a teenage boy who suffers from a rare genetic condition are appealing for help to give him his freedom back by funding an electric wheelchair, after his condition left him too heavy to use his manual one.

Danny Burt, who attends The Base at Ross High School, Tranent, is 14 and weighs 21 stone.

He has Bardet Biedl Syndrome – a condition which has caused him to have severe learning disabilities, severe obesity, tall stature, delayed motor development and autism.

He is also registered as partially sighted and has complex support needs.

Mum Yvonne McAulay said Danny had made progress in his mobility but needed to use a wheelchair and was now restricted to where he could go because his weight made it difficult for anyone to push him long distances.

Yvonne said: “Because of his weight, Danny is missing out on a range of activies including swimming, which is his lifeline for freedom of movement.

“He is missing school trips and outings and even shopping trips. Short trips on a train are also out because we struggle to push the manual chair up the ramp.

“Ross High were able to hire an electric chair which Danny was able to try for a few days and the difference it made was amazing.

“It really gave him his freedom back and now we are hoping to raise funds to buy him one which will be made to fit him and expand as he grows.”

The family live in Wallyford and Danny – who attended The Hub at Sanderson’s Wynd before going to Ross High – and his supporters have raised money in the past to support the facilities he attends.

Now they are hoping people will help them achieve Danny’s goal, with the chair costing £8,000 plus maintenance costs.

The campaign received a welcome boost last week when Rosyth Dock Workers donated £1,000 towards it.

Yvonne said: “I was so moved I burst into tears when I was told about the donation.

“It is a friend I know who held traybake sales and has been working away raising cash at her work.

“People who know Danny have seen him overcome obstacles over the years that we did not think were possible. The difference an electric chair would make to Danny’s quality of life is immeasurable.

“We really want to give him all the support we can.”

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