A MUSICAL theatre company's sold-out final-night show had extra drama when the young performers and audience were evacuated from their venue.
Tranent-based Centre Stage's summer show at the town's Loch Centre took an unscheduled twist this evening when the sport centre's fire alarm sounded just after 7pm.
More than 300 people had to be evacuated from the building, including Centre Stage's young costume-wearing 'musical mash-up' performers.
Tranent Amateur Swimming Club youngsters had to cut short their training session and vacated the pool - and other areas of the centre, such as the gym, were also cleared.
Unconfirmed reports suggested a smoke machine used in the show may have been responsible for activating the alarm.
A fire engine attended the scene and, about 20 minutes after the alarm first sounded, audience members and performers were allowed back into the building and the show - the third night finale - continued.

Katie McFarlane, posting on the Courier's Facebook page, said: "This did not phase the talented cast of Centre Stage: an amazing final night, showcasing the talent of local kids and adults alike. Well done everyone."