NAZI signs were among graffiti which appeared around a war memorial in the centre of Prestonpans.

The memorial, which is undergoing refurbishment, was targeted by vandals who left the offensive signs on the wall behind it.

Prestonpans community councillor DJ Johnston-Smith revealed that the signs were similar to the ‘life rune’ symbol used by Scottish Dawn, a neo-Nazi group which was recently banned by UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd MP under the UK anti terror laws.

Scottish Dawn surfaced earlier this year standing alongside extremist groups such as the National Front and Scottish Defence League at anti-refugee protests.

Its yellow flag bears a black symbol which was used by the SS body behind the Lebensborn programme in Nazi Germany which aimed to increase the number of Aryan children – those classified as racially pure and healthy.

The neo-Nazi Scottish Dawn was banned amid claims that it had been set up as a cover for the already-outlawed organisation National Action.

Under the ban, any active member or supporter of the organisation in the UK faces up to 10 years in prison.

An investigation into Scottish Dawn over the summer by investigative reporting website The Ferret linked one active member to a company in East Lothian.

Mr Johnston-Smith said that he discovered the graffiti at the site and called East Lothian Council.

He said: “The council acted very quickly and came and removed it but to have Nazi symbols around the war memorial is just utterly, utterly awful.”

East Lothian Council said: “We always try to respond quickly to graffiti and offensive graffiti of this nature would be a priority.”