DRUG dealers are using a public bus service to distribute their supplies in East Lothian, it has been claimed.

Police have been told that on at least three occasions a ‘dealer’ has boarded the No. 26 bus service in Cockenzie and travelled to Levenhall, where they handed over a “package” at a bus stop before getting back on the Edinburgh-bound bus.

The claim was made at Cockenzie and Port Seton Community Council.

A community councillor told police attending last Tuesday’s meeting: “The bus is being used by drugs dealers. Three times I have seen someone get on, make a call on their mobile and meet someone at Levenhall where they hand over a package before getting straight back on the bus.”

Police told the community councillor that Lothian Buses, which operates the 26, has CCTV on its buses and urged anyone who witnessed suspicious behaviour to report it immediately.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “At a community council meeting in Cockenzie, a local officer was asked if he had any knowledge of the bus service being used in the supply of drugs. The meeting was advised that no reports of this had been received.”

A spokesperson for Lothian Buses said: “Lothian take the safety and comfort of our staff and customers very seriously. Through our dedicated police liaison officer we work in close partnership with Police Scotland to ensure that our customers and staff can travel in a safe environment at all times.

“We would always encourage customers to report any issues for further investigation by police.”