A PRESTONPANS mum received a fright when she spotted this giant caterpillar making its way across her garden.

The creature, which appears at first glance to have four eyes, was later identified as an elephant hawk moth caterpillar not commonly seen in East Lothian.

Irene Edmond, who lives in Schaw Road, revealed she was quite shocked when she saw the caterpillar.

She said: "I took a picture and sent it to my daughter to see what she thought it was. She went on the internet and confirmed it was an elephant hawk moth caterpillar. I called Butterfly World and they were quite excited to see the picture. Apparently it is rare to see them in this part of the country."

The caterpillar, which appeared to be over three inches long, seems to have gone to ground in the family garden and they are keeping a keen eye out for the emerging moth.