SCOTLAND’s national tourist agency has had to change its listing for an East Lothian beach after it promoted a dog exercise area which does not exist.

VisitScotland is one of dozens of holiday websites which reference a dedicated dog exercise area at the beach at Seton Sands.

However, there are no such areas on any of East Lothian’s coastal beaches.

VisitScotland said it compiled information from a variety of sources but, after the error was pointed out by the Courier, it quickly moved to change it.

A VisitScotland spokesperson said: “VisitScotland sources information for its website from a variety of different outlets.

“This information is always published in good faith but if it becomes clear that information may be inaccurate or misleading then we will take steps to amend accordingly.”

A spokesperson for East Lothian Council said: “There are no specific, designated ‘dog areas’ on any of East Lothian’s beaches. Instead dog owners and professional dog walkers are encouraged to exercise their animals in a responsible manner.”