A PORT SETON lottery millionaire who refused to give up work after hitting the jackpot has revealed how his winnings have changed his life as he celebrates the second anniversary of the win.

Father-of-two John Edmond and his wife Amanda’s lives were changed instantly when he won £1million in the Euromillions Mega Friday draw in June 2015.

At the time, John, 34, who worked as a roofer, said he had no plans to leave the job he had worked in since he was 16. . . and two years on that vow remains the same.

John said that while life had certainly become easier for his family, the work ethic remained as strong as ever.

He told the Courier: “I am still working the company I was with when I won.

“I want to work and it is important, the difference is that we do not have the money worries or stress that we might have once had to contend with.”

John said that the biggest difference the win made was allowing the family to move into a bigger house and his two daughters to have separate bedrooms and even their own bathrooms.

And he said time with his family had become a real bonus, after wife Amanda gave up work after the win.

He said: “In the past we were spending little time all together as a family because Amanda and I both worked and often were passing ships, but now we have time to spend together and as a family, and we have enjoyed regular holidays which have been really enjoyable.”

Now John and Amanda are looking into setting up their own property business Edmond Property Development from their home.

John said: “We took the time after our win to look into the ways to invest for the future and didn’t want to jump into anything. Now we are setting up our own business in property, which is something I have experience in, and looking forward even more to the future.”