A BUSINESS on North Berwick High Street has launched a scheme to encourage takeaway customers to recycle their food packaging.

Customers at the cafe and deli within whynot? can return their takeaway food packaging to the shop in exchange for a voucher giving them 10 per cent off their next purchase.

Adam Elder, who owns the business, told the Courier he hoped the incentive would help to reduce the amount of litter lying about in the town.

Mr Elder said: “During the busy summer months the public waste bins around the town can overflow at times and visitors to the beaches and parks in town sometimes find it hard to know what to to with the bags, boxes, cans and bottles that their takeout food comes in if the bins are full.

“We thought that since all of our food packaging is recyclable and we have waste contractors who do this on our behalf, we would try to do our bit to help keep the town a bit tidier.”

Andrew Cowan, a customer, was one of the first people to take advantage of Mr Elder’s offer, which started earlier this week.

He said: “I’ve bought a deli-box with some cans of juice to take down to the beach to share with my partner.

“Once I’ve finished it’s just a short walk back to the shop so I might as well take my bag of rubbish back and get my 10 per cent voucher. I’ll probably use that to get some cheese from the deli that I’ll take home.

“It seems like a really good idea for the town –and for me!”

The campaign against litter in North Berwick is being led by several local groups and businesses, including Law Primary School, North Berwick in Bloom, the Scottish Seabird Centre and East Lothian Council Countryside Ranger Service.