MONKTONHALL Terrace in Musselburgh was the scene of another car crash on Tuesday night - just two weeks since the last accident.

A Seat Ibiza car struck at lamp post at about 7pm.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: "There were no injuries and it was all dealt with by 7.35pm."

This follows a collision between a car and campervan at the end of November which also resulted in no one being hurt.

Since that incident, former councillor John McNeil has called for police action to stop speeding on the road.

He claimed: “[Drivers] couldn’t care less the speed at which they come up from the shops at Eskview. I am not talking about cars but trucks.

“You would think that because the road is so wide it is easy to get up there but it’s not. Trucks come up and they’re on the pavement.

“Monktonhall Terrace is an absolute nightmare.”