REPORTS of youths throwing stones in Musselburgh have been passed on to police.

PC Jeff Lowe updated members of Musselburgh and Inveresk Community Council last week on incidents in the town, telling members that police had received 236 calls during a two-week period from November 14 to 28.

Crimes recorded as a result of the calls included a man being reported to the Procurator Fiscal for having illegal drugs after a stop and search.

In relation to anti-social behaviour there were nine noise/loud music complaints and 12 calls relating to youths at the Brunton Hall and all over Musselburgh, including a lot of stone throwing, PC Lowe said.

A woman was arrested for a breach of an anti-social behaviour order.

There were three minor vandalisms and two reports of cars being driven at speed in Tesco’s car park.

PC Lowe added that police were still carrying out high-visibility patrols in the town centre at weekends.

He said that a fixed penalty ticket was issued to someone who was using a mobile phone while driving and two vehicles were seized because their owners had no insurance.

There were seven reports of shopliftings, two minor thefts, one house broken into, one car stolen and four reports of thefts of fuel from garages.

Two cars were broken into and high-value tools stolen from each, while there was an attempt to break into a shop on North High Street.

High-visibility patrols were being carried out at stores to combat shoplifting.

PC Lowe said three police priorities for the area this month were the speed of vehicles on Monktonhall Terrace, parking issues on the pavement outside Cakes & Shakes on Dalrymple Loan, and spray-painting on lampposts at a new walkway at Wallyford connecting the rail station with ‘The Drift’ path leading to Pinkie.