WORRIED parents have called for action in a bid to combat “dangerous” parking near Pinkie St Peter’s Primary School.

They raised their road safety fears at a meeting of the school’s parent council.

Susan Harkins, parent council chairwoman, said: “The main issue is dangerous parking by parents and taxis on corners and double yellow lines on Pinkie Road, Edenhall Road and outside the school at the start and end of the school day.”

She added: “Our concern is the safety of children. The location of the new bus stop at the Pinkie Farm Shop and additional housing, leading to increased traffic, just adds to Pinkie Road becoming a very dangerous and hazardous place which is on the main school route.”

Meetings with East Lothian Council last year, explained Mrs Harkins, resulted in temporary traffic cones being placed at the front of the school gates. Concerns have also been raised with local councillors. Mrs Harkins said greater traffic enforcement was needed in the area and suggested that a road safety campaign could be launched to highlight the problem.

She added: “The ideal situation would be to limit car access to the area around the school from 8.45am to 9.10am and 3.10pm to 3.30pm. A ‘walking bus’ might be another possibility.”

She said: “The temporary cones have stopped some of the parking issues; however, we still get parents and taxis dropping off and picking up children at the cones. The problem has moved to Pinkie Road and Edenhall Road and, along with increases in school roll, makes it additionally dangerous and busy.

“We believe there are limited traffic wardens in East Lothian and this is part of the issue. I believe there are other schools who will have similar issues. We just want action.”

Mrs Harkins also appealed to parents to think about where they were parking.

Ward councillor Katie Mackie said: “Clearly parents are concerned about parking and road safety around the school entrance on Pinkie Road. The children’s safety is paramount and we have to make sure it is not an accident waiting to happen. With the ongoing traffic works on Pinkie Road, now would be a good time to review parking and pedestrian arrangements.”

Fellow ward councillor Stuart Currie added: “I share the concerns of parents and carers about the parking situation close to the school. This is about the safety of children and drivers must realise that is what we are talking about.

“Ultimately if the situation continues then the council will need to consider more radical action to ensure the safety of children going to school is not compromised.”

A spokesperson for East Lothian Council said: “At school travel times the streets in the immediate vicinity of schools are especially busy and there is usually a high level of vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist activity.

“Addressing traffic and parking concerns close to school entrances remains an ongoing challenge facing East Lothian Council. We work closely with the schools, Police Scotland and other partners on the Road Safety Working Group, and our parking attendants have been actively attending schools and take action as appropriate.

“It is important to note that our parking attendants do not have the full range of powers as the police traffic wardens did, and matters such as dangerous parking, parking that causes an obstruction, parking near crossings, on zig zags, or in any of the school streets remain a police matter.

“We would always ask and encourage motorists to park responsibly and safely in the areas around schools and remind them to consider the safety of other road users and pedestrians when doing so.

“We will continue to work with the schools and our partners. We have engaged directly with the headteacher and parent council of Pinkie St Peter’s Primary School in the past and we are happy to consider any additional suggestions put to us by the parent council.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police Scotland are aware of the issues surrounding parking in the streets near to Pinkie St Peter’s and continue to work with the school and partners to assist in addressing this issue. We welcome dialogue with all partners involved with a view to finding a longer-term solution to this matter.”