A COUNCILLOR is calling on local bus companies to stop out of service buses using Dalrymple Loan in Musselburgh after complaints from local residents.

Councillor Stuart Currie said vehicles run by East Coast Buses and Lothian Buses were using the street as a route to return to the depot on Mall Avenue.

“Despite complaints to the companies, the problem continues,” he said.

Mr Currie added: “To have a single or double decker bus swinging out into the middle of oncoming traffic to turn left at the Caprice [restaurant] is just ridiculous and needs to stop before there is an accident. Buses should use the High Street route as normal and stop cutting corners to save a few seconds on an out-of-service journey.”

He said local residents were also concerned about buses “rumbling along” Dalrymple Loan at 9pm/10pm.

Mr Currie has asked East Lothian Council to contact the bus companies about the issue.

A Lothian Buses spokesperson said: “This route was used previously by First bus and we understand there were no concerns then.

“Using other routes does have potential disadvantages for the community, but we would be happy to discuss this directly with Councillor Currie and with others at the council to see if there are better alternatives.”