POLICE were called to the playing fields behind an East Lothian school in the early hours of yesterday morning (Wednesday) as groups of youths partied after exam results were announced.

A resident reported disturbance at the grounds behind Knox Academy in Haddington as celebrations which began on Tuesday evening carried on through the night.

Dogwalkers yesterday discovered dozens of empty bottles of wine, beer and vodka piled up and strewn in a trail across the back of the field, along with cigarette packets and broken glass.

One resident who overlooks the fields said: “They were screaming and shouting and making an incredible amount of noise well after midnight.

“It might have been exam results day for them but the rest of us still had to go to work in the morning.

“The mess they have left behind is appalling and the fence at the entrance has been smashed. Questions should be asked about where they are getting so much alcohol.”

Councillor Shamin Akhtar, East Lothian Council’s spokesperson for education and children’s services, said the gathering was likely just “high spirits after the exam results had arrived”.

She said: “Tuesday was exam results day and it may have been the case that some local young people were out celebrating their results and there were a few high spirits.

“We take all reports of anti-social behaviour extremely seriously but on this occasion no calls were received by the council’s anti-social behaviour team.

“There was one recorded call to police about noise disturbance and officers attended and engaged with the young people. There were no reports of vandalism.”

Police in East Lothian said they attended the grounds shortly after midnight yesterday following reports of young people behaving in an anti-social manner; however, no action was required.

Local Community Police Inspector Andy Hill said: “There have previously been issues with youth disorder in Haddington but these incidents have significantly reduced since the implementation of a problem solving partnership involving various agencies.

“Young people will always congregate and socialise, which obviously becomes more prevalent during good weather.”

In June, police and an ambulance were called to the playing fields after up to 60 youths gathered for ‘a meet’.

Three teenagers were arrested and two taken to hospital for drink-related injuries after the alcohol-fuelled night descended into violence.