ARE you one of the 65 per cent in East Lothian who voted for Remain in the EU referendum? And one of the 62 per cent who voted No in the independence referendum? If so, your natural home is with the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

As Liberal Democrats we have a clear message. We are now the only party that supports Scotland in the UK and the UK at the heart of Europe.

We will invest in education and mental health and we will oppose another divisive Scottish independence referendum, and instead are proposing Devo Max, or federalism. We are pro-UK, pro-EU and progressive. We will defend an open, tolerant and united Britain.

To improve mental health we will invest £35m, the proceeds of an extra 1p on dividend income.

We will end the two-year wait for young people needing mental health treatment. We will ensure that GPs, midwives and health visitors are better trained to deal with mental health issues of new mothers. We will insist that waiting times for mental health are the same as for physical ailments, and we will work continuously to lesson the stigma of mental ill health. We will campaign for the 1,000 EU-trained doctors working in NHS Scotland to be allowed to stay.

In education we are committed to raise standards by putting 1p on income tax in Scotland. We will focus on early years to give children the best start. We will introduce the Pupil Premium, which has been proved in England to raise attainment. We will tackle the appalling deterioration in pupil numeracy and literacy standards. We will keep more teachers in the profession by ending the one per cent pay limit in the public sector, and trusting them to use their professional knowledge in the classroom. Finally, we will tackle the appalling neglect of colleges, where 152,000 places have been lost in the last few years, disadvantaging those who don’t go to university.

We will oppose Theresa May’s extreme Brexit and we insist that the public should get the chance to have the final say on whatever deal she negotiates. After all, you wouldn’t buy a car without knowing the price, would you? And we don’t yet have any idea of the full price of a hard Brexit deal.

This time I have met voters who are saying clearly that for the first time they will vote Scottish Liberal Democrat because it is the only party that is standing out against a hard Brexit.

I say: vote with your heart. Now is that time to stand and be counted – literally – because the more votes Liberal Democrats have throughout the UK, the more moral authority Tim Farron and his MPs will have to speak on behalf of those who are appalled at the idea of leaving the EU.