HOWEVER you voted in the EU referendum, we can all agree it is important to get the best possible Brexit deal.

Brexit is our chance to rebalance our relationship with the EU whilst maintaining a close and friendly relationship. The foundations of that relationship will be built on for our Brexit deal and I will fight to ensure that our farmers, fishermen, and tourism industry are well represented and protected.

There is no doubt in my mind that Theresa May is the right person to lead us through these negotiations and, if elected, I want to give East Lothian a voice in the team that delivers the best deal for Scotland and the UK.

The Conservative Government inherited an economic mess from Labour and over the last seven years the economy has grown, with a record number of people in employment.

You can also use your vote to send a message to the SNP. It is time they accepted the result of the independence referendum and started dealing with the issues that are important to the lives of most Scots: health, education and the economy.

In 2014, Scotland voted firmly to remain part of our United Kingdom. Yet since then, the SNP have done little for Scotland apart from fostering division and looking for excuses to have a second referendum. Scotland needs strong voices at Westminster, but those voices need to be constructive, and that’s one thing the SNP will never be.

If you want an MP who will stand up for Scotland, not Scottish independence, vote to send me to Westminster.

But these national issues are not the most important part of an MP’s job. As your MP, I would be your local advocate, dealing with local issue such as new housing infrastructure. I would work with the council and the Scottish Government to ensure that new developments do not just work for the developers but for the surrounding area too and that businesses are supported to create new jobs. We are incredibly fortunate in East Lothian to be one of the best places in Scotland to live; if I am elected, I will work to make it even better.

It’s wonderful to see high streets in towns like North Berwick flourishing with a range of independent shops, but as online banking and other services become more popular, we’re seeing local branches close. Rural post offices have become a lifeline and a Conservative government will protect them. I will work to ensure those people who have difficulty accessing online banking and other services are not left behind.

East Lothian deserves an MP that has a positive vision for our constituency and our country. I have that vision and I hope you will vote for me and give me the chance to deliver for you.