HOUSING, education, healthcare and coastal car parking are just some of the issues covered in the parties' manifestos ahead of the East Lothian Council election.

East Lothian will go to the polls on Thursday, May 4, and elect 22 councillors to represent them over the next five years.

Currently, a Labour/Conservative/indepedent administration is in power.

Council leader Willie Innes (Labour) has set out what his party plans to achieve over the next five years.

He said: "Our manifesto sets out to demonstrate how we will build on the success of the last five years.

“Headline priorities include delivering 2,500 new affordable homes, £144 million investment in new and existing council housing, a £97 million programme for new and improved school facilities, an action plan for tackling poverty in East Lothian, improvements for day centres and other support for older people, and significant capital investment in community facilities.

"It adds up to a carefully planned and costed programme to continue improving East Lothian, making it a better, fairer place to live, work and visit."

Labour has put forward 12 candidates, while the SNP have put forward 11 as they attempt to take power from their rivals.

SNP, currently the opposition, said a future SNP-led council would take "bold and innovative steps to deliver more council houses for rent which will include £99 million for new homes, the potential of housing bonds, offering low rate loans to housing associations to build more houses", as well as looking at a targeted council house buyback programme to boost the number of council houses for rent.

They have also pledged to devolve more powers to area partnerships over budget decisions for communities and commit additional investment in adult wellbeing, as well as abolish coastal car park charges.

The Liberal Democrats, currently without an East Lothian councillor, have pledged to phase out coastal parking charges "when financial considerations allow".

In their manifesto, the party aim to tackle the rapid growth in population expected in East Lothian with close involvement of local communities in local planning and development decisions.

They pledge to make increased capacity at local schools, surgeries and community facilities, along with adequate access and transport links, a pre-requisite before development and act to stop the Scottish Government overruling local decisions.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives' manifesto contains "ambitious plans" to improve education, local transport, healthcare and economic development in East Lothian.

Scottish Conservative candidate for Haddington and Lammermuir ward Brian Small said: “Our group will focus on continuing the great work carried out over the last five years by the Conservative Group in East Lothian Council.

“We have an excellent group of candidates who are all committed to progressing the manifesto commitments for the benefit of everyone in East Lothian and with appropriate financial prudence.

“These commitments have been developed after extensive consultation with voters in every part of East Lothian.”

Finally, East Lothian Greens' manifesto covers a range of priorities.

On education, it prioritises Additional Support Needs to reverse the staff cutbacks which have added to teachers’ pressures.

On health and social care, the Greens prioritise investment to prevent ill-health such as warm homes, green spaces and better walking and cycling infrastructure, for example a safe path between Drem and Gullane.

They want better wages to retain social care staff, and investment in care homes and care-at-home to prevent older people being stuck in hospital.