PARENTS on the school run have been told not to put pupils at risk by moving road safety cones.

The cones allow pupils to safely cross the ‘red road’ at Dunbar Primary School’s Lochend Campus, which nearly 600 P4-7 pupils attend.

Helen Gillanders, headteacher of Dunbar Primary School, included a note in a school newsletter urging parents not to cross the ‘red road’ when dropping off their children at the school.

She said: “Cones are put out to ensure pupils can cross the ‘red road’ safely; however, a number of parents ignored the cones and got out of their car to move them.

“Some parents even put their window down and ask a pupil passing by to move them.”

She added: “We would like to make it very clear to all parents that the cones are there for the safety of all pupils at Lochend Campus and should not be moved; unless, of course, you need to use the disabled bay.

“If your child is being dropped off at Lochend Campus or being picked up at the end of the day, please use Hallhill car park for this.

“Do not drive your car across the ‘red road’ as this is where our pupils cross to arrive at school safely.”