A WORRYING social media 'game' has been highlighted on the website of an East Lothian secondary school.

NHS Scotland got in touch with Dunbar Grammar School regarding the Blue Whale Challenge.

The activity encourages young people to self-harm before sending a picture on as proof.

The issue was highlighted in the school’s weekly newsletter, which is published on the school’s website.

It states: “There are no reported cases in Scotland; however, we would like to make you aware of this and if you have any concerns your child may be at risk, please get advice by contacting your child’s guidance teacher.

“Our schools provide children and young people with information on keeping themselves safe within the health and wellbeing curriculum delivered within schools.

"East Lothian Council also promotes the safe use of the internet and if you wish to access further information on the safe use of technology online, see www.getsafeonline.org”