COUNTY MP Martin Whitfield visited Yester Primary School in Gifford to speak to pupils. . . and was asked how may toilets there were at Westminster!

He told the P7 class about how he became East Lothian’s MP, described a typical week in the House of Commons, and answered their questions about his work and Scottish politics.

Speaking after the visit, Mr Whitfield – previously a teacher at Prestonpans Primary School – said: “As a former teacher, I particularly enjoy getting back into the classroom to talk to local pupils about my work.

“The children were very well informed about Scottish politics and had clearly paid attention to what they had been learning about the various aspects of our democracy.

“They certainly had some fantastic questions for me. One of the more unusual ones was how many toilets there are in the Palace of Westminster.

“It was not one I knew the answer to offhand, but I have committed to find out and let them know the answer!”