TWO East Lothian banks are set to close their doors.

The Royal Bank of Scotland's branches in North Berwick and Dunbar are expected to close in the New Year.

The announcement has angered both MP Martin Whitfield and the county's MSP Iain Gray.

Mr Whitfield was closely involved in the campaign against the closure of RBS's Prestonpans branch last year as chairman of the town's community council.

He has tabled an Early Day Motion at Westminster condemning the latest closures and plans to raise the issue in the Commons at the earliest opportunity.

Mr Whitfield said: “RBS’s decision to close these branches is a serious blow for North Berwick and Dunbar.

"Individual customers and businesses in the towns will face a journey to Haddington to do their banking.

"RBS is still largely owned by the taxpayer, who had to save it when it was in trouble.

"I think the public are entitled to expect better than this from the RBS.

“Banks claim the closures are necessary because of changes to the way people bank.

"But I am concerned that it is mostly older and more vulnerable customers who continue to use local branches.

"These customers, as well as local businesses and community groups, are being let down by the banks."

Party colleague Mr Gray has fought against the previous local branch closures, including the RBS branch in Prestonpans, TSB in Tranent and Bank of Scotland in Gullane.

The MSP for East Lothian has laid a motion at Holyrood slamming the latest decision and the impact it will have on the towns.

He said: “This is disastrous news for Dunbar and North Berwick and a betrayal of loyal, local RBS customers.

"I know local people in both towns will be very angry about the decision and I fully understand and share that anger.

"That is why I have already raised the matter in the Scottish Parliament.

“Following the recent Prestonpans RBS branch closure, as well as other banks in Gullane and Tranent, it’s starting to look like banks are abandoning East Lothian.

"Given the amount of new housing coming our way over the next few years it makes little sense for all these branches to close now.

“I believe all banks, including RBS, should have a responsibility to communities and their customers who have used their services over many years.

"Unfortunately, this latest decision, coming so soon after the Prestonpans closure, suggests their only calculation is the financial bottom line.”

Across the country, 62 branches are on the list of those set for closure, ranging from Wick to Annan.

An RBS spokeswoman said: "More and more of our customers are choosing to do their everyday banking online or on mobile.

"Since 2012 the number of customers using our branches in Scotland has fallen by 44 per cent.

"Only one per cent of our customers in Scotland now use a branch regularly while the number of regular mobile users has increased by 39 per cent since 2015."

It is understood the potential closures could result in 158 redundancies across the country.

A spokesman for Unite said: "The news today by RBS is totally shocking and represents a change in how the banking sector conducts its affairs.

"The sheer scale of this latest round of branch closures is savage.

"How can a UK taxpayer backed  organisation devastate local communities by disenfranchising them of the ability to bank at their local branch?

"Once again loyal staff, that have helped to rebuild RBS over the last decade, will be rewarded with the prospect of an uncertain future and a bleak Christmas."