PHYSICAL measures need to be put in place before there is an accident on a busy road, according to a community councillor.

Graham Adams has called for traffic-calming measures to be put in place on Brodie Road to slow down the increasing number of vehicles.

The community councillor, who lives nearby, told the Courier: “Even with the 20mph limit put in place, the number of lorries using it for the new houses and going along it means Brodie Road is probably one of the busiest roads in Dunbar.

“There needs to be something done to slow traffic to ensure no children are hurt – it is a residential area.”

Speed checks have been carried out on the stretch of road, which links a number of the developments in Hallhill to Spott Road.

Police have previously identified the issue as one of the three priorities of the town’s community and police partnership.

A year ago, Constable Gavin Ross told the Courier it was “ridiculously easy” to catch people speeding on the stretch of road.

However, Mr Adams said drivers would often slow down when they spotted police officers and the officers could not be there all the time.

He estimated some drivers were travelling 40-50mph and wanted something to be done to slow them down.

He said: “There needs to be some type of traffic calming measures to ensure people are going at the right speed.

“I am sure no one wants to see a child get knocked down.

“At some point that will happen because of the speeds that are getting driven.”

Previously, discussions took place between representatives from East Lothian Council, PC Ross and then ward councillor Michael Veitch.

Signs were added to the road warning drivers of crossing deer, while there was also the suggestion of changing the right of way at various junctions in a bid to slow drivers.

A council spokeswoman said: “The council are exploring several solutions to address the speeding concerns on Brodie Road, which include re-prioritising junctions.”