PRESTONPANS couple John Boyd and Leona Douglas have been given a slimming award for inspiring others with their battle, after shedding five stone ahead of their wedding.

The couple, who are tying the knot later this month, were named Scottish Slimmers Inspirational Couple at the awards ceremony in Glasgow.

John, 51, lost three stone, while Leona, 40, shed two stone through the Scottish Slimmers class.

Leona revealed her fiance had done so well they might have to take in his groom’s suit before the big day.

She said: “I ordered my wedding dress a few months ago in a smaller size and I’m delighted to say it fits and John is below his target weight, so if he doesn’t watch out he may have to have his wedding suit taken in.”

HGV driver John and beauty therapist Leona began piling on the pounds when they moved to their house on Drummore Drive a couple of years ago.

John said: “A combination of stress and having no kitchen for weeks meant we ate takeaways and fast food. Then somehow life takes over and the bad habits continued.”

Having been together for eight years and engaged for four years, the couple set their wedding date for October 28 and joined their local Scottish Slimmers club in January.

John said: “Our wedding is the perfect goal. What is best of all is we didn’t just put on weight together – we are losing weight together now as well.

“It makes such a difference that we are both doing it as we motivate each other and eat the same food most of the time.

“We eat what we want and still have treats – but in moderation. Scottish Slimmers has certainly changed my life for the better. I feel more healthy, I look better and my work is a lot easier now too.”

Alexandra Howie from Scottish Slimmers said the awards ceremony was a great opportunity to reward members who had stood out.

She said: “They have put in the work, they have smashed their weight loss goals and it’s their time to celebrate their incredible success.

“It was a great chance for our slimmers to show off and feel really proud of themselves. We are certainly proud of them.”