A STUNNING cascade of poppies was unveiled at a village church yesterday evening.

More than 6,000 knitted and crocheted poppies adorn the 40ft long artwork, which stands outside Aberlady Parish Church and is 11ft high.

Our photographer Gordon Bell went along to the official launch ceremony as representatives of the community and local groups and veterans came together to celebrate the work.

The cascade, which was organised by Aberlady Craft Group, ahead of Remembrance Day, inspired people all over the world to send in contributions.

Additional poppies have been installed within the church itself and on the pew ends with others made into brooches which will be sold.

Work on the poppy cascade began in January this year at the regular meetings of the village craft group and as news of the project spread poppies began arrives from around the world.

Anne Frost, from the group, said: "Many of the group's family and friends heard about it and sent in poppies. Some spread the word on cruises and we even had a delivery from a cruise ship.

"We've had poppies contributed from as far afield as Australia and France."

Local groups and members of the community also became involved and Aberlady Primary School pupils helped make poppies.

The combined community effort has been attached to a free-standing frame and will remain in the church yard until Thursday, November 23.

All funds raised by the cascade and donations will go to Poppy Scotland.

Donation boxes are available in businesses in Aberlady or by visiting www.justgiving.com/aberladycraftgroup