A WIDESPREAD 20 miles per hour speed limit could be introduced throughout Pencaitland – if the idea wins favour with residents.

The village’s community council is asking residents – both online and on paper – for their views on the idea of reducing the speed limit from 30mph.

Ralph Averbuch, chairman of the group, pointed to the recent introduction of a widespread 20mph limit throughout much of central Edinburgh.

Now the community council is exploring the idea of whether there is “an interest or appetite” in Pencaitland to see something similar created.

Mr Averbuch told the Courier that “a short vox-pop survey” online had found the “vast majority” of people were in favour of reducing the speed limit through the village.

Over the coming weeks, an attempt will be made to canvass a wider view from throughout the village.

If it is found there is backing for a reduced speed limit, steps will be taken to try to take it forward.

Mr Averbuch said: “Obviously with the survey [people] have got the option for leaving a comment. They can say they want to see it on secondary roads and not the A6093, which passes through the village.

“People will have freedom to have their views one way or another.”

Discussions looking at the possibility of a widespread 20mph limit would follow in the footsteps of similar talks in Dunbar and East Linton.

Currently there is a trial 20mph limit throughout much of East Linton which is due to expire at the end of next year.

If the reduced speed limit proves popular and effective, it could become a permanent fixture.

In Dunbar there is already a 20mph limit throughout much of Hallhill, to the south of the railway line.

East Lothian Council is currently considering the idea of expanding that to take in the majority of roads to the north of the railway line in Dunbar as well.

Mr Averbuch noted that more and more people were using the roads through Pencaitland.

He added: “We have seen a big increase in the last decade in the volume of traffic coming through Pencaitland, particularly after the Dalkeith bypass came in.

“There has been a big rise in leisure users and on any given weekend we have got large numbers of cyclists coming through in big groups doing all sorts of distances on their bikes.”

If the survey – which can be found on Pencaitland’s Facebook page with paper copies available at the Spar store at West End Service Station – shows a desire for a 20mph speed limit, the community council will liaise with Haddington and Lammermuir ward members, as well as representatives from East Lothian Council.