A WALLYFORD teenager who admitted attacking a man with a metal bar has been sent to a Young Offenders’ Institute.

Aaron Thomson struck Gary Fisher over the head with the weapon during a disturbance on the town’s Salters Road.

He also threatened to stab others who became involved in the incident before struggling with them in the street.

Thomson, 18, also assaulted Jamie-Lee Beck by grabbing her by the hair and punching her on a separate occasion.

The teenager pleaded guilty to the assaults during a court hearing in Edinburgh earlier this year and he appeared back in the dock last Thursday for sentencing.

Thomson, of Salters Road, was ordered to be detained at Polmont Young Offenders’ Institute for the next 90 days.

The court previously heard he had become involved in a struggle with others on Salters Road on June 5 last year.

During the incident, he issued threats he would stab those involved, and he also attacked Mr Fisher with the metal bar.

The assault on Ms Beck took place about three weeks later.

Allegations of breaching a court bail order, presenting a knife at two women, and assaulting a woman by punching her on June 25 were dropped by the Crown.

Thomson admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by threatening to stab others at Salters Road, Wallyford on June 5 last year.

Her also pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr Fisher with the metal bar on the same date, and to assaulting Ms Beck on June 25 last year.