A FILM directed by the son of Sean Connery and featuring East Lothian golf courses has taken to big screens across the country.

Tommy’s Honour was released on Friday and features scenes filmed at Winterfield Golf Club and Musselburgh Links, The Old Course.

Directed by Jason Connery and based on the critically acclaimed book by Kevin Cook, the film tells the story of a father and son from St Andrews who have a difficult personal relationship but who go on to change the face of the game of golf.

Young Tom Morris (Jack Lowden) is considered the first true superstar of golf, winning The Open four times before he was 21, while Old Tom (played by Scottish acting veteran Peter Mullan) was not only a four-time Open winner but he is also credited with designing or influencing about 60 courses throughout the UK and Ireland, many of which are still considered among the world’s best.

The movie was filmed in various locations in East Lothian and neighbouring counties.

Councillor John McMillan, East Lothian Council’s spokesman for tourism and economic development, highlighted the connection between the film and the county.

He said: “Some of the film was shot at Musselburgh Old Course, which plays a pivotal role in the development and history of golf not just in Scotland but as an international sport.

“Indeed, the four-and-a-quarter-inch diameter hole made mandatory by The R&A in 1893 resulted from the use of a random implement used to cut Musselburgh’s holes during the Victorian era.

“It is wholly appropriate that Tommy’s Honour, which depicts the story of leading Scots Victorian golfers, included this iconic venue which hosted The Open on six occasions between 1874 and 1889.

“Filmgoers may be interested to know that they can re-create their own Tommy’s Honour by playing Musselburgh Old Course using hickory clubs.”

To celebrate the film’s release, VisitScotland produced a map, which can be found on its website, highlighting the filming locations in Fife and East Lothian.

Bob Gordon, starter at Musselburgh Links, The Old Course, felt the film could further boost attendances at the course.

He said: “People who go and see the film will hopefully be saying they need to take a run down to Musselburgh and see what it is like down there.”