THE family of a dog which suffered serious injuries after being struck by a car have thanked the public for digging deep to help pay for his vet bills.

Taggie, a Siberian husky Border collie cross, has already undergone a series of operations but could face more after being hit by a car on Gifford’s Main Street.

The 12-year-old suffered a chronic dislocated hip, torn cruciate ligament and broken tail, which led to it being amputated, with only a third left and the chance of further surgery. His other back leg also suffered a serious cut, which required staples and stitches, while he sustained a haematoma on his rib cage and swelling above his tail.

His owner, Rachel Fleming, thanked members of the public for their generous response after setting up an online giving page.

One youngster even took on a sponsored walk from Gifford to Haddington and back – a distance of nearly 10 miles – over the weekend for Taggie.

Rachel said: “A little girl heard through her mum about what happened. She was going to do a sponsored walk and she did not know what to do it for, what she could raise money for.

“We had never even met the girl but she decided to do it for Taggie. She has gone round on her scooter for the last week and raised over £200 to put towards his vet bills.”

Rachel, of Main Street, thanked members of the public for their generous response.

Rachel, who works at Appin Equestrian Centre, near Drem, said: “I was taking him and our other dog Rocco out for a walk.

“As I got them out of the front door, he was wearing his collar and lead and as I turned he pulled the lead and it slipped off him. He turned but instead of running down the pavement he bolted to go round the other side of our car and there was a green Land Rover Defender coming round the corner at great speed.

“As he ran forward, I could see what was going to happen and within seconds he was just bowled over by the car.”

Since then, Taggie, who Rachel and her husband Paul have had since he was eight weeks old, has been a regular visitor to Links Vet in Haddington.

Rachel added: “He is needing 24-hour care, which has been really difficult with our work.

“One of us has to be with him all the time in case he chews his tail or his legs.

“He has had a huge ordeal and it has been a huge ordeal for us as well trying to keep him as well cared for as possible.

“Links Vets have been absolutely incredible and I cannot tell you how wonderful they have been.They have been so supportive and have helped us so much and gone above and beyond the call of duty.”

Rachel was unsure what future procedures Taggie had yet to face. She said: “The leg which was hanging, first of all we were told he was going to get a hip operation.

“Then, we were told it would be amputated and now we have got specialists involved and they have said they are going to wait to see what kind of hip operation he will need depending on how he improves.”

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