CONCERNS have been raised that a private underpass near the site of a fatal road crash is being used as a potentially dangerous shortcut by motorists to the A1.

The underpass, to the south of Eweford Farm, on the outskirts of Dunbar, cuts under the A1 towards Bowerhouse and has gates with signs saying ‘private farm access’ at either end.

Hundreds of houses are being built at the west end of Dunbar’s Brodie Road, near the underpass.

Will Collin told fellow members of the town’s community council that concerns had been raised by Dunbar Primary School’s parent council as it was suggested that residents were using the underpass as a shortcut to the Haddington/Edinburgh-bound A1.

The former Dunbar Grammar School headteacher said: “The problem with that is that the underpass was put in for farm access.

“It was not intended to be used by the general public and what the general public are doing is using it as a shortcut to join the A1.

“It means they have got to join the A1 where there is not a proper connection.

“Normally, when you join a dual carriageway from a minor road, there is a sliproad with enough space for the joining cars to get up to speed and slot into the traffic, but when you come out from the farm there is only about 30 yards, if that, and it is not enough for the cars to get up to speed.

“What they are doing is alright – most of the day there is no problem – but first thing in the morning, when people are desperate to get off to work, they are coming out into a stream of traffic heading quickly up the A1.

“Both lanes are in use and cars are coming out of there, and there is the very strong possibility of an accident.”

The underpass is near the scene of a fatal accident last year, where Meghan Ambrozevich-Blair tragically lost her life.

The incident, which took place just weeks before Christmas, saw a collision between her Kia Cerato and a Ford Transit pick-up.

One concerns was that there was not a slip road onto the A1 at the Bowerhouse junction similar to those at major junctions such as Abbotsview or Bankton.

Instead, it is a shorter slip road and Councillor Norman Hampshire, who was at the community council meeting, said: “The problem is the slipway itself is too short and drivers cannot get up enough speed and traffic is right up their back.

“Something needs to be done.”