A KNITTING fanatic will not be knitting a jumper, a scarf or booties this summer.

Instead, she is helping to create a patchwork quilt large enough to cover an armoured tank!

Paula Young, from Morham, is taking part in Knit a Tank Top, a knitting challenge for Blind Veterans UK, the national charity for vision-impaired ex-Servicemen and women.

The charity has set itself the challenge of producing a knitted quilt to cover a tank at Shoreham Air Show in August.

Paula, 58, was inspired to help the charity by her father, Cyril Darwood, himself a veteran who went blind in later life.

She said: “My father had a lot of problems with his sight in later life and so was a big supporter of Blind Veterans UK – and now I am as well.” He had been a glider pilot in Tunisia and Italy during the Second World War and Paula, who started knitting more than 30 years ago, was determined to do her bit.

“I’ve always enjoyed making things, but I started knitting mainly as a less expensive way to get good-quality clothes for my family,” she said.

“When I heard about this it seemed like a good, practical way to help out the charity and do something I enjoy.” As well as knitting squares for Blind Veterans UK’s patchwork quilt, Paula is raising sponsorship from friends, family and neighbours for the knitting challenge.

She added: “When I say I’m helping to knit a tank top, most of my friends assume I’m talking about a jumper.

“Then I tell them that I’m helping to cover a tank with wool and their surprise is always priceless!” To sponsor Paula, call 01620 829328.