LIGHT will flood the sky in a breathtaking display at Dunbar SciFest 2015.

Barns Ness Lighthouse will be transformed for the fifth annual SciFest, which has attracted thousands of visitors from across the county and beyond.

The Magic Lantern light art and projection event, inspired by the work of Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell, takes place each night from tonight (Friday) through to Sunday, 6.30pm to 9pm.

Tickets are required and can be bought online or at this Saturday and Sunday’s SciFest Family Weekend, with groups heading by bus from Dunbar Garden Centre car park at 6.30pm each evenings.

The lighthouse and adjacent buildings will glow gently, beautifully illuminated and constantly changing.

Performers in front of the Keepers’ Cottages will interact with the lighting, producing a magical interpretation of light, shadow and movement in a stunning coastal location.

The projection show builds slowly, with light and colour and pattern gradually revealing the towering lighthouse looming above, telling the story of mankind’s journey from firelight to our modern high-tech lighting.

But that’s far from the only thing to look forward to at this year’s SciFest, which is organised and run entirely by volunteers. Here’s a taste of what’s on offer at the SciFest Family Weekend (10am-5pm this Saturday and Sunday, at Dunbar Primary School John Muir Campus and the town’s Bleachingfield Community Centre): - Among the Wild Deer (Daniel Allison): Amazing Nature – Join storyteller Daniel Allison for stories about amazing environments and the creatures that inhabit them. From the jungle to the desert, from jellyfish to dingoes, every place and every creature has a story; - Mrs Mash (Marie Louise Cochrane): Mrs Mash’s Kitchen Capers – Saturday only – Join Mrs Mash the Storytelling Cook and hear about her latest kitchen experiments. Stories, songs and joining-in fun for families.

- Macastory (Fergus McNicol & Ron Fairweather) Mammoths of the Ice Age – Join the tribal leaders, Ron and Fergus, as they take you on a pre-historic adventure of mammoths, cave dwellers and more.

- Marty Jopson Show 1 – Zap, Crackle and Pop – Join Dr Marty Jopson, the BBC One Show’s resident scientist, as he takes a sparky journey through the story of electricity. From Ancient Greeks, through Faraday’s genius, it’s an electrifying show chock full of demonstrations and a plucked chicken.

- Be Experimental (Lindsay Murphy Hogg) What property? – An interactive science show about the surprising properties of chemicals. The audience can experience first-hand the oddities that are polymers, powders and popping canisters.

- Organ Dissections: Charles River (Malky Punler), Edinburgh Sick Kids (Mark Brougham), Dunbar Grammar (Teachers) – See a sheep’s heart and lungs being dissected. Find out about animal anatomy and physiology. Even put on some gloves and examine the organs yourself.

- Computer Xplorers (Lynne Kerr) Video Game Design with Scratch – Students will learn how to program their own video game using Scratch – the innovative programming language created for young gamers by MIT. Students learn to code, create and manage multiple forms of media, including text, images and animation. Age 8-13 years.

- The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre and Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (Julia Dorin & Rebecca Scott) Gene Genius and Cell Investigator – Become a gene genius and investigate your cells with researchers. Learn about the workings of your cells, build a model and see your own cells down the microscope. Discover if you are a ‘super taster’ and take on the chromosome challenge!

- ELC Museum Service (Clare Pannell) Dino Dig – Join East Lothian Council Museums Service in helping dig up a dinosaur and other fossils.

- Viridor (Martin Grey) Transforming Waste in Scotland, Assembly Hall – Find out more about Viridor.

- John Gray Centre’s Steam Traction Engine mini-exhibition – An example of an early 20th-century model steam traction engine made by a local firm will be displayed.

- Torness Power Station (Margaret Wenham) – Step into the mobile visitor centre with hands-on displays and learn about how Torness generates electricity for more than two million homes.

- Heriot-Watt University (Bill Sanderson) & Royal Haskoning DHV Environmental Consultants (Alistair Davison) Rockpool Adventure, – New for 2015 explore a new, very special rockpool environment tank... full of amazing, live marine creatures that live in the sea off Dunbar for you to touch, hold and learn about. You will be guided by marine biologists to discover the life on our shores.

East Coast FM will be broadcasting live from SciFest.

For more programme and ticket details go to the website